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Not only do I care about your website, I care for you and the future of your business.

Nick George, Founder
One website update can help your business expand and give you years of results.

At Clockwork Inbound, I specialize in building websites that provide real value to your business. I've been helping small to mid-size companies who are looking to update their existing website that isn't getting them the phone calls and sales they are looking for. Getting your website to do the work for you while attracting the type of clients who are excited for your services is my number one goal. The rush that comes from the challenge of overcoming obstacles and ultimately, seeing my clients win and succeed is worth every minute.
The specific problems you face in your business is my foundation for your solution.

To be honest, no one really wants a website...They want a website that can fix a current issue they're facing. Most people would be surprised at how a single update could solve certain problems for their business. During your free consultation, I will make sure to find the pain points you may be facing so I can look for ways to set you free from them. Whether it's a certain type of client you want, less time spent on phone calls or just a more trustworthy and professional presentation for your business, I am here to help.

The Process

Make an Appointment

Contact me via email or phone for a free consultation. If you cannot reach me by phone, please contact me by email or use the contact form on the home page of my website and I will get back to you personally within 24-48 hours.

Explain Your Goals

Let me know about the problems you are facing, what you want to achieve and what is holding you back so we can come up with a helpful long term solution and action plan to move you on your way to success.

Complete the Design

Throughout the website project, I may need your input and some content so we could get the best, most suitable result for you. Once it is done, you can relax and focus on your work while enjoying more sales and saved time.

Why Update Your Website?

I have sat down with business owners who have spent thousands of dollars per month to drive traffic to a website that doesn't sell. To me, this is like putting icing on a mud pie. If you're paying for google ads, commercials or pay per click ads, you may see some temporary results, but you are ruling out so many quality leads and throwing away your hard earned money if your website isn't solid. In other words, try to think about your website first. It's the most important factor of your online presence. Websites do need traffic, but traffic does not equal sales in all cases. I make sure to offer my clients the full package in the correct order to get them the results they need.

With that in mind, you may just think of your website as something to look good as a presentation for your business. At Clockwork Inbound, this is not quite enough. Every web design project I build is a sales system with a specific strategy to build trust and ensure your visitors are guided through the site properly. The end goal is to get people to pick up the phone and use your service over your competitors. If your site lacks the proper elements it needs, it only takes a matter of seconds for a potential customer to leave your website. If they leave, (due to slow loading time or bad design) there are many other people who will do the same and you will lose out on leads.

The projects I build are sales systems with the appeal to attract, made for local service businesses. Whether you are in construction, engineering, the oil industry, the legal or medical field, I have you covered. Everything from quality images, content, colors, speed and making sure your website is functional on all mobile devices are used as a definite way to help your conversions and give you higher rankings. Along with SEO (research on your business, your competition and your target audience), I also provide an analytics report to show you how your website is helping.

What's Included in the Website Project?

Marketing Based Design

A goal and value based design is absolutely essential for attracting the type of audience you want. Modern design, quality images, appealing colors and a structured step by step system that leads your visitors to taking action is what a successful web design is to me. If you would like not only a great presentation for your business, but also a system that drastically improves your conversions, Clockwork Inbound is here to get the job done.

On-Page SEO

Every web design project should be built from an SEO friendly approach. Why? Because google is way more likely to recognize and prize a website that has proper keyword placement, professionally written content and a fast loading time rather than a website that has none of those things. Building a website that is SEO established is a crucial element for it to be successful.

Close Communication

Not only will I need your communication and feedback during a project, you will need mine as well. If you have any suggestions or questions throughout the course of the project, feel free to reach out and I will do my best to help. Once you are one hundred percent happy with the final outcome of your design, the project is done. At Clockwork Inbound, I take pride in having customers that are satisfied with not only my work, but the overall experience.

Mobile Optimization

More than 50% of all website traffic is from people who are using a mobile phone, as shown in this study. This means that a mobile optimized website will get you way more leads than a site that is not mobile friendly. More traffic equals more leads and sales, which is why it is super important to make sure your potential clients can easily navigate through your site on their phone. If you cannot navigate through a website, you will more than likely end up leaving it in a matter of seconds. This is why every site I build is guaranteed to be user friendly for desktop or mobile users.

Analytics Report

After your design is complete, you're going to want to know how well your site is converting and where your traffic is coming from. The purpose of an analytics report is to answer all of these questions for you. Analytics can be hard to understand and as a business owner, I know that your time is valuable. Showing you complicated charts and numbers could look like a different language to you, which is why I track this data for you. After your design is done, there will be no complicated metrics, just easy and simple results that you can understand.


During the first consultation, the questions I ask are used to find out the problems you may be facing so I could turn them into solutions that make you more money. Web design to me is nothing without this information. You need a solution after all, not a website. What you want to achieve in your business will be the foundation of the project. Once I get the idea of what you need, I will summarize everything to make sure we are on the same page and begin the project with a focused plan and strategy.

Save Yourself The Frustration!

Wouldn't you rather have a website that gets real results and sales? Save your money and forget about buying expensive ads for now. Focus on an effective SEO strategy and get a website that converts its visitors into clients. This is a perfect combination for your success. Click below to learn more about how SEO can add a giant boost to your website and overall online presence.

I Love to See You Win

Alot of people wonder why I chose the name Clockwork Inbound. It's because I want you to stop chasing after leads and instead, let your website work around the clock for you. This is more than just marketing and web design to me. It is problem solving and thinking from a business perspective. My number one goal is to find the “hurts” your business is facing so I could work to relieve you from them and get you closer to your goals.
This is not an “un-personalized” approach. I strongly believe in working from an integrity standpoint and going the extra mile by making sure you are one hundred percent happy and satisfied with your design. If I don't think your idea will make you more money or get you the results you desire, I will let you know. No shortcuts, hidden fees, unnecessary themes or long contracts. Just long lasting, quality results for you and your business.

Questions & answers

I like to work backwards, so before pricing a website, I first need to know about what you're looking to achieve. I will usually study your goals, estimate the return of investment I look to get you and price it from there. There are so many factors that go into the pricing of a project that it's hard to know what the cost will be. If you'd like to talk about your project and get a quick estimate, feel free to reach out, tell me your goals and I will give you a ballpark figure.
When you hire someone for less, there's a good chance it will not be right. A lot of designers do not spend the necessary amount of time listening and asking questions about the goals you wish to achieve with a new website. These designers sell websites, not solutions. When there's no strategy or goal behind a project, there's no value. When there's no value, the website will be worth less. I price by value and treat every website like a sales machine used to get leads. Viewing a website from a perspective of the return of investment you can recieve gives a clear understanding of what a web design is worth.
This all depends on the size of the project (how many pages you want, the features required, etc.). Designing a website starts from 3 to 4 weeks upwards to complete, depending on what's involved. It's always great when the client has the images, text copy and other content ready from the beginning, which can speed up the work process a great deal.
Yes. More than half of your website visitors will be using a mobile device, so it is crucial to make sure your potential clients can easily navigate through your site on their phone or tablet. Not only will a mobile optimized site be user-friendly, but it will also help drive leads to your business.
All of my websites are built with on-page SEO. My main focus is having well placed keywords, research on your competition, a stand-out design and skillfully written content. These are strong factors that will help you stand out from the competition and rank well on search engines like google. I like to focus on the website first, as I see it as the foundation of your online presence. However, if you are in a competitive market and you want more traffic to your website, I offer a free SEO audit to show you where you stand, how your rankings can be improved and a roundabout return of investment you can achieve.
Yes. If you need help with an existing Wordpress site or you want a brand new one to be built, I am your guy! I would recommend Wordpress for the client who is going to want a blog, constant updates or changes. I also build HTML, CSS websites depending on the project's requirements.
I do not specialize in Ecommerce and honestly, it's not really my style. I build sites with the goal in mind to generate leads and sales for businesses looking to expand.